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My Crystal Journey

I have always had a fascination with rocks, and since finding my first ever stone in the Goldfields, Western Australia in the 80"s that fascination became a bit of an obsession. I carted many rocks around as we moved from town to town. My collecting slowed down after I was married and had children, now they are young adults and my collecting obsession has started again. I created this website (with some help) in order to share my exclusive collection with fellow enthusiasts and the general public. In addition, I also provide insights and information to people interested in starting a collection of their own.

New stones and crystals are being added all the time, be sure to check in for updates. 

A little while ago I studied and completed a Diploma in Environmental Science and then Gemmology - I have a need to know how and why stones and crystals form. This also confirmed my belief in "ethically sourced". All the stone and crystal in my collection are not from large wholesalers where there is no traceability. I have established long business relationships with my suppliers who are small family run business's, who collect and work as a family. My mission is to ensure sustainability, environmentally aware, fair labour practices and safety. 


No matter what you’re looking for, my collection is sure to inspire. Reach out for more information on my Crystal Journey.

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